Guillain Barre Syndrome Treatments

Guillain Barre Syndrome Definition

Generally Guillain Barre Syndrome weakened the muscles and entire body goes through acute paralysis. Often facial nerves get affected, blurred vision and slurred speech are the common signs of this type of paralysis. Numbness or tingling in the feet and hands are also among other obvious sensory symptoms. In other severe cases the muscles of swallowing and breathing get badly damaged. Guillain Barre Syndrome symptoms quickly grow and radically get worse. After that, approximately within 2-4 weeks disease progress usually ends and after 2-4 weeks full functional recovery begins.

Guillain Barre Syndrome Treatments

Currently there are no precise tests for Guillain Barre Syndrome; diagnosis is done by various clinical reports and medical findings. This procedure is commonly referred as electromyography and characteristic modifications from the spinal fluid or from a lumbar puncture. Though there is no exact treatment for Guillain Barre syndrome, doctors prescribe few encouraging treatments.

However it’s extremely significant to start prompt therapy, timely treatment ensures fast recovery, often little hospitalization speed up the recovery.

The initial Guillain Barre Syndrome treatment is plasmapheresis that detoxifies the blood to remove foreign antigens or plasma which gets restored by an albumin solution or alternative artificial substance. Plasma exchange treatment and intravenous immune serum globulin or IVIG have shown positive results. These treatments are successfully used and remarkably shorten time of recovery approximately 50%.

The other common and newer treatment involves the intravenous injection of gamma globulin which blocks the receptors and antibodies that attack the peripheral nerves. Normally injured nerves take longer time to restore.

Plasma exchange contains fewer risks and complications though intravenous immune serum globulin is simpler to administer and has more encouraging results with fewer complications and less side effects.

Majority of Guillain Barre Syndrome patients regain all their functional muscle recovery within one year. Although there is 3-4% cases that became chronic and patients get severe paralysis affects that wastes their muscles and often lose their lives. Months of intensive physical therapy is essential even if the recovery process seems very slow and futile.

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